My Story          

How I began my Vanlife Photography journey

It started back in 2017, I had broken my ankle severly, lost my dream of playing sports collegietly & began pursuing other goals for life. I then picked a camera up. After not walking for a year, it really made me value moments. I realized a camera has the ability to pause life for a quick second.

Fast forward 3 years,

I had finished up my Freshman year at GVSU, and came back home. My summer home was much different than normal. My parents decided to Air bn&b my childhood house. So that left me with the decision to rather live in a shed. For 2 years I did this. One year onlooking Lake Michigan, and second year in the front yard.
This is me in 2020, in my shed. I was given the choice once Covid hit, sit here to do online school; OR run with my wildest dreams. So I bought a van, and seeked out what America has to capture.

Today, I sit at 48/50 states with a professional base in photography, siberian husky and almost 2 years living my dreams out of my van. 
I hope to live life as an example to encourage people that anything you want in life is for the taking, you just have to follow what you truly love and it will take you to amazing places. 

“The Journey to all 50 states”

          June 22, 2021
At the age of 20, my appetite for exploration knows no bounds, and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. When people ask me what inspired me to embark on this journey, my answer is simple: the world beckoned, and it would be selfish of me not to answer its call.

I vividly recall stumbling upon a profound quote online a few years ago. It was from a stage 4 cancer patient who, upon learning they had only six months left to live, resolved to pursue every dream they'd ever harbored. Their advice resonated deeply with me: "Don't let a doctor decide when you should start chasing your lifelong aspirations." I internalized those words wholeheartedly.

The future is an uncertainty we all face, and as humans, we can only hope for the promise of another day. But do we ever truly know what tomorrow holds? No, we don't. This realization has become a daily mantra for me—a reminder to be grateful for each moment I wake up healthy, vibrant, and breathing. It's a lesson I've learned firsthand, one that many seem to overlook or take for granted.
Experiencing the diverse people, cultures, religions, and environments has been profoundly humbling for me. As I traversed different lands and encountered new faces, I realized that each interaction was a lesson in personal growth. My previous ego, of my upbringing, had hindered my ability to explore and appreciate these magical experiences fully. Yet, with every encounter, I swiftly learned the invaluable lesson that every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, deserves to have their voice heard.
Reflecting on my journey, I am struck by the disappointment I feel for having once been so distant from this mindset, particularly during my high school years. It has become evident to me that there is an abundance of wisdom to take from the lives and perspectives of others, especially those who have weathered the passage of time.

I often pondered my place within my family dynamic. With siblings significantly older than myself, I couldn't help but figure that perhaps I was an unplanned addition. Yet, in that lies a kernel of truth—mistakes can indeed harbor unforeseen beauty.
Within my family, I was the outlier, not following the path of military service embraced by my siblings. However, as I embarked on my college journey, I swiftly realized that my pursuit of comfort was not alligned with fulfillment. Not just yet.
Buried beneath the weight of societal expectations lay endless dreams and aspirations yearning for expression. What I craved above all else was freedom—freedom from the shackles of financial worry, academic rigor, and the reality of a structured existence.
It was during this period of self-discovery that I embraced the notion that sometimes, to find oneself, one must first wander into the paradigm of uncertainty. With each twist and turn, I unearthed fragments of inner peace. Looking back, I am struck by the serendipitous nature of my journey and the profound realization that true wealth lies not in material possessions but in the intangible currency of happiness and self-fulfillment.

For in the end, it is the richness of our inner world that truly defines our wealth, far surpassing any monetary measure.

Finding beauty in simplicity
California, USA.